Top 5 makeup brands

In the fast-paced realm of beauty, staying on top of the latest trends and brand popularity is essential. Our in-depth analysis, surpassing conventional approaches, delves into the crème de la crème of makeup brands, revealing the true champions in the industry.

1. Huda Beauty: Reigning Supreme


At the zenith of our rankings stands Huda Beauty, a powerhouse in the makeup industry. Founded by the visionary Huda Kattan, this brand has captivated the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Internet Dominance:

With an impressive 77,000 average monthly searches in the U.S. and a staggering 30.3 million Instagram posts, Huda Beauty reigns supreme with a combined Internet interest of 30,398,554.


2. Anastasia Beverly Hills: A Timeless Icon

Legacy and Innovation:

Anastasia Beverly Hills, founded by the iconic Anastasia Soare in 1997, seamlessly blends legacy and innovation. Soare’s recent collaboration with IPSY showcases the brand’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Numerical Distinction:

The brand secures the second spot with 63,000 average monthly U.S. searches and 25.6 million Instagram posts, resulting in a formidable total of 25,740,666. Despite its significant presence, it stands at almost a third of Huda Beauty’s dominance.

3. Fenty Beauty: Rihanna’s Glamorous Revelation

Celebrity-Led Triumph:

Fenty Beauty, the brainchild of the multi-talented Rihanna, takes the third position. Launched in 2017, this celebrity-led beauty brand has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Impactful Moments:

The brand’s performance, boasting 194,000 U.S. average monthly searches and 5,598,525 Instagram posts, reflects its impactful presence. Notably, Fenty Beauty witnessed an 883% surge in Google searches after Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show appearance.

4. MAC Cosmetics: Enduring Elegance

Founders’ Vision:

Established in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, MAC Cosmetics stands as a testament to enduring elegance. Headquartered in New York, this Canadian brand continues to command attention.

Search Supremacy:

Securing the fourth position, MAC registers a remarkable 474,000 U.S. average monthly searches—the second-highest on our list. With 29,190,380 Instagram mentions, MAC’s final score of 760,625 reflects its enduring appeal.

5. Morphe Cosmetics: Resilience Amidst Challenges

Founding Resilience:

Founded in 2008 by Chris and Linda Tawli, Morphe Cosmetics has weathered storms, remaining a global favorite for eyeshadow palettes and brushes. Despite its parent company’s recent Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, Morphe remains a force to be reckoned with.

Statistical Brilliance:

Closing our top five, Morphe boasts a total of 8,478,528 from average monthly searches and Instagram posts. Divided by its 15 years of existence, Morphe’s final score of 565,235 underscores its enduring popularity.

Conclusion: Decoding Beauty Trends

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve unveiled the true champions among makeup brands. From Huda Beauty’s undisputed reign to the enduring elegance of MAC Cosmetics, each brand brings a unique flair to the beauty landscape. Stay ahead of the curve by aligning yourself with these trendsetters and make an informed choice for your beauty regimen.

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